Payment and Delivery

Payment methods


iyzico (Virtual Pos)


iyzico For your purchases you want to make using your credit card information with virtual posMasterCard andVISA You can use your cards with the logo and complete your payment by choosing one of the cash or installment options.


Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) with crypto currencybitcoin It also accepts your payments. The products you have purchased, depending on the density experienced in the network, are processed and entered into the preparation process after the necessary approvals are received.


Btc Wallet Address : 1JSc8rbcUcY5h3dnZT8Nbj58CXQ1Pevjaa


Payment by Wire Transfer/EFT


If you wish, you can make your payments by bank transfer. After completing your order transactions by choosing the transfer option, you must send the product amount to our bank accounts, which we have shared below, by specifying your phone number in the description section.


Remittance Information


Regnum Industry Furniture Construction Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti.

Esenyurt Tax Office: 7340961233



Account Number: 51243872

IBAN: TR09 0006 7010 0000 0051 2438 72



IBAN: TR43 0020 5000 0945 9828 8000 01


Delivery time


Your orders are delivered to the cargo company within 10 (ten) business days after the bank's approval. Depending on the distance of the shipping address to Istanbul, the cargo company will deliver your order to your address within 1 (one) to 5 (five) business days.


It is important that the membership information you fill in the membership form is complete and correct so that we can communicate with you a negative situation (out of stock, etc.) that may arise from us.


The products you purchased will be delivered to you by the contracted cargo companies -within the scope of the warranty provided by the cargo companies-.


Shipping Fees


dekostreetThe shipping fee varies according to the desi information for your purchases from .


Height x Width x Length / 3000 (Desi)


What to do if your order is delivered when you are not at your address,


If you cannot be reached at the delivery address you have specified, your order will be delivered to the nearest cargo branch; An information note is left at your door or in your mailbox by the courier company. You must receive your package from the specified branch within 3 (three) days. Otherwise, your order will be returned to If you want your returned order to be sent again, the shipping fee will be requested and your order will be shipped back to your name with a counter payment.


If a product you purchased is out of stock for any reason, It is an online shopping site and offers the opportunity to shop for multiple users at the same time. In rare cases, two or more different users may purchase the last product remaining in stock, and in such a case, delivery to customers may not be possible as the product stock will be exhausted.


The products you have purchased will be notified to you by a confirmation e-mail. If any of the products you have selected is out of stock, the e-mail to be sent to you will consist of a notification of the date the product will be back in stock.


Pay onlineMasterCard orVISA If the product you have made with a credit or debit card with the inscription is not available in our stocks, your payment has a waiting period of at least 4 (four) and at most 15 (fifteen) business days so that we can add your order to our stock and send it to you. If the product cannot be delivered to the consumer within this time frame, the payment made by the consumer is reflected as a refund to the credit or debit card from which the payment is made.


Return or Exchange


For one weekLikes Guaranteed Within 7 (seven) days from the customer's receipt of the product, the productdekocadde.comcan return it to . If the reason for this return is the technical defect or defect of the refunds the price of the product and the shipping cost, or exchanges it with another product with an equivalent price upon the consumer's wish. If the reason for the return is within the scope of the guarantee of liking, the return of the consumer will be in the form of returning the product price, and therefore the shipping cost of the return belongs to the consumer.